APPROVED & RESTRICTED Faculty Directed Student Online Resource Use - Faculty Agreement
All faculty directed student use of online resources must be approved by administration using the following procedure. This includes all websites, applications, add-ons, and extensions that are accessed by the student at the direction of a faculty member OR that are used by a faculty member that allow access to student information (i.e. It accesses your Google Classroom).

Online resources currently approved for ALL ages can be found here: https://edprivacy.educationframework.com/Districts/main.aspx?districtid=30344

All other checked online resources can be found here with approved restrictions as noted:

If your online resource does NOT appear on either of the above lists, or if you believe the privacy policy of a resource has changed since the most recent Education Framework check, then use this
form to submit a separate request for EACH website, application, add-on, and/or extension you wish to have reviewed for use with your students.

Your request will be screened for possible issues with FERPA and COPPA compliance and you will be notified of the results within three (3) working days. Please do not direct students to access online resources until you have been notified of approval.

All resources will be re-checked through Education Framework at the beginning of each school year and faculty will be notified of significant changes.
Your email address will be recorded when you submit this form.